Period Panties: What Are They?

By Isabelle Earl

Carrie, Aunt Flo, Shark Week, or whatever you want to call your that-time-of-the-month--we can all agree that this hell of a characteristic so generously granted to us women is expensive, painful, and inconvenient as fuck. It’s messy, and has ruined more pants and underwear than I can count. In addition to this seemingly never-ending list of hardships surrounding our menstrual cycle, we are encouraged to use fancy and fluffy period products. Oh sorry--the grocery stores prefer the term “feminine hygiene.” But is this an accurate name for the products that fill the shelves of those aisles? Should I be shoving scented cotton into my downstairs every 4 hours for 5-7 business days? Am I supposed to smell like “Summer Romance?” That can’t be hygienic, right? That’s because it’s not.

There is a solution—period panties. No, not the ones at the bottom of your drawer that you’ve had since 8th grade. These are actual underwear made to absorb your period. The brand Thinx is an online brand that makes cute and stylish panties, with a kick. No tampon or pad needed with these, as they absorb throughout the day. These are not only more beneficial for your vaginal health, but also for the planet. These reusable underwear preserve the health of your flower and the Earth’s flower.

Tampons and pads are filled with chemicals in which brands are not under legal obligation to disclose to their customers. I, along with many other women I know, have had countless reactions and issues involving name-brand period products. Thinx provides the notorious soft and comfortable panty-material, that are safe for sensitive skin. Additionally, since these panties are reusable, washing them with eco-friendly and scentless laundry detergent can also reduce the risk of reaction.

I can already assume what consumer’s questions or concerns are about period panties. First, underwear lines. Thinx already thought of that. Check out their thong or cheeky styles that still have adequate absorption technology. Second, how well will these work. Thinx prides themselves on the amount of liquid these period panties can hold. Their best-selling hiphugger style has the capabilities of holding up to 2 regular sized tampons worth of flow. If you have a light flow, these cute and comfy panties could last you the whole day. If you’re a heavy flow gal, maybe a backup pair will be necessary. Nonetheless, your vagina will thank you for wearing Thinx.