Who Are the Indie Beauty Brands & Where Can We Buy Them?

By Isabelle Earl

Indie beauty brands are the local and transparent businesses within the cosmetic world. As the name implies, the brand is independently owned. It doesn’t receive corporate funding to keep it afloat, but rather these businesses are funded by their creator, which is all the more reason to support them over Target brands.

Who is starting these brands, and how are they making a profit? Most commonly, these brands get started by previous makeup artists or trained estheticians. But some of the founders of successful beauty lines have experience in many different backgrounds. The brand Maya Chia, for example, was created by an ex-political speechwriter who graduated from Harvard.

With the recent boom in independent beauty brands, here are a few that have caught my eye:

Mad Hippie
While working conditions matter to Everlane, their transparency takes this humane approach a step further, accounting for their prices as well. Everlane believes customers deserve to know how much it costs to make the clothes they’re buying. In describing their vision, Everlane exclaims, “We reveal the true costs behind all of our products—from materials to labor to transportation—then offer them to you, minus the traditional markup price.” Retail items are commonly known to be marked up an irrational and insane amount. Not Everlane.

DeDCool is a uni-sex, non-toxic, and vegan company dedicated to helping humans smell better. Their scents are high-quality and produced with only natural ingredients. This brand is inherently changing the way scents are produced and advertised, taking away gender conforming labels such as “cologne” or “perfume.”

Fatboy hair products is a brand that provides hair-care to all individuals, regardless of, “race, gender, politics, religion, haircut, color, texture or length.” Founded by an NYC hairdresser, Tyson Kennedy was tired of the average, everyday products that weren’t doing justice to his clients’ hair. Not only does the website provide great products, but also tips and tricks for styling hair.

A “makeup brand for everyone,” Fluide is a collection of makeup that is vibrant and cruelty-free. Their colorful products are encouraged for use by everyone. Many trans and non-binary makeup users have received backlash while shopping for makeup products that are marketed towards cis-women. Not Fluide. Their name says it all: “We are Fluide, makeup for him, her, them, everyone.”