Empowering People Of Color Through Hair Expression

By Isabelle Earl

As a woman with curly hair, I cannot accurately count the number of times that I have been told what to do with my hair. Especially from my mother (bless her heart, we just have different hair types), she would constantly tell me to brush my hair, or that it was too frizzy and what not. While this has been somewhat bothersome throughout my life, women of color have faced much worse criticism over their hair than I have. Changing this conversation, Pattern Beauty is providing body-positive and uplifting products for all curl types.

People of color are constantly belittled for their hair. Weaves, extensions, and chemical treatments are often encouraged. Pattern Beauty is attempting to change this unrealistic standard placed on these women. Not only do these processes require a lot of time and effort, but a lot of money as well in paying for the services or the hair. On the contrary, Pattern Beauty offers entirely affordable products that invite women to embrace their natural locks. Something they call “Pattern Positivity” provides a beautiful and uplifting quote, “We hope to expand how we communicate, care for & celebrate our hair. We want to reimagine the language we use about our beloved curls & community. Our texture is natural. It is us. And it is beautiful.”

Representation is imperative for the acceptance of trends or beauty standards. Arguably so, natural hair may not be as common because of its lack of display in media. Women in front of the camera always have their hair perfectly set. Whether it be flawless braids, chemically-straightened long hair, or intact non-frizzy curls--raw and natural hair is not often promoted. This is slowly changing, but Pattern Beauty is entirely changing the game. All of their models on their website are unapologetically showing off their natural hair. And they look happy. This is so important for women and girls to see. Happiness in your own skin is not often advertised by beauty products. Many companies sell products that change your appearance, not embrace it. Pattern Beauty is raising the bar, “We may know our patterns are magic.”

Curly-haired women have been criticized for how they choose to express their locks for much too long. We are tired of it, and so were the creators of Pattern Beauty. Curls are magic, curls are beauty, and curls are an identity. Pattern Beauty is available at most Ulta’s throughout the United States. In supporting this product, you are supporting body-positivity and hair-confidence for women everywhere. Their cause, as stated on their website, “By purchasing Pattern products, you’re helping to support organizations & programs that empower women & people of color.”