Journal Entry

By Alanna Zaritz
Illustrator, Designer

i'm always shopping for something new
i have too much clothing but no signature style
and now we are in a crisis
that can't be solved by a party dress
spending-as-panacea is revealed a vice
and everything needs to change

here we are, closeted in a moment before change
the world we want is strange and new
if only we can shed our lust for vice
which applies largely but not exclusively to capitalist style
and resembles a closet full of clothing but no appropriate dress,
a perpetual, manufactured gear crisis

what is the origin of our crisis?
many of us demand change
but in fact only alter the way we dress
and this by demanding an inexhaustible New
there are more nuanced ways to define style
but none of them compare to lucrative artifice

it is not that i am without my vices
like everybody else, i have thrilled to the crisis
of finding myself, exploring personal style
which often meant impersonating those masters of change
starlets and songbirds, always preening in something new
and idolizing the oeuvre of designers, tailors, and dress-

makers. i've even run several blogs devoted to dress --
historical and contemporary -- which glamorized vice
even if my garb were always used, and never new.
and yet, can circular economy stem the crisis?
what would it take to exchange
mass production for mending, altering, and restyling?

when i think about style
there is always the fantasy of how i want to dress
up but my quotidian truth is repetitive, not much changes
and my favorite pieces are holey. my advice
is to take a clear look at your life -- no need to cry, sis!
with a fresh perspective you will see opportunities anew

i'm not suggesting you change your style
but a new dress holds no mirror up to creativity
let's give our vice the boot before the crisis makes fashion moot