Updated 6/15

Journal Entry—Alanna Zaritz

Dan Wilcop

The designer talks function, design, & most importantly style.

by Felton Kizer

The Brand Elle Rali is Reshaping Sustainable Practices

“I don’t work in fashion, I work in sustainability.”

by Felton Kizer

The Tell of Cloina

What started as occasionally selling a few items online quickly turned into a new destination for consumers to shop for unique pieces - meet the sustainable label for the avante garde renegade.

by Felton Kizer


➥ More fashion brands get called out for not being as inclusive as they claim to be.

➥ Small and medium sized fashion companies sign on to the circular fashion pledge.

➥ More fashion companies recognize Juneteenth as a national holiday for the first time.

➥ The CFDA has not responded to a letter sent by 250 black fashion designers pushing for more diversity in the fashion industry.

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