Summer School

Summer School is a month long series of digital workshops that feature sessions on design and fashion business taking place in July. These sessions will be posted weekly and are designed to be used as a point of reference for essential skills. Our goal is to educate creators and consumers on traditional and unorthodox techniques used in fashion design and fashion business. By offering a range of workshops for beginners and those with experience we want to give everyone a chance to connect, relax, and learn something new.

Summer School Classes

➥ Lectures

Intro to Fashion Business

Instructor Amanda Christine Harth

Minding Your Business

Instructor Chelsey Carter

Marketing Your Business

Instructor Chelsey Carter

Color Theory

Instructor Adrianne Hawthorne

➥ Demonstrations

The Tote Bag

Instructor Nelissa Carrillo

The Button Down

Instructor Nelissa Carrillo

Mending & Repairs

Instructor Chelsey Carter

Branding Exercise

Instructor Chelsey Carter

Amanda Christine Harth

As the CEO of Runwayaddicts, Amanda Christine Harth, has spent over seven years designing opportunities for creators to connect with consumers. Born and raised on Chicago’s Southside by a working class family, hard work was never foreign to her. She obtained her bachelors in Fashion Design from The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago in 2010. She took up an interest in Menswear and designed garments for several years while working full time in retail and interning for a tailor. She struggled due to her lack of knowledge in business and chose to take time off from designing to learn essential skills in running a business. She networked and developed connections with individuals that worked in marketing, product development, and entrepreneurs that successfully built their own businesses. She learned the strength behind being a good storyteller and the essentials to running a business in a position of leadership. After discovering the lack of business resources and platforms available to independent designers like herself she launched Runwayaddicts in 2013 as a digital platform for independent and emerging fashion designers. In 2016 she began hosting events around Chicago to develop a physical presence in the local fashion community. As a champion for independent designers she has worked continually in Chicago’s fashion community to connect creators, collaborate on events, and host experiences to give designers a platform to create.

Adrianne Hawthorne

Adrianne uses vivid colors in unexpected combinations to create wild, colorful acrylic paintings of plants and other abstractions. Color has always been her main source of inspiration.

Adrianne comes from a graphic design background but prefers the act of making art with her own hands. She initially felt uneasy putting so much of herself out into the world, but has since felt a satisfaction that she never found in corporate America. Ponnopozz is named after two imaginary friends, Ponno and Pozzer, that the artist had as a child. The name is a daily reminder of the unbridled creativity of childhood that she continues to nurture through the act of painting and drawing.

Adrianne is currently based in Chicago where she resides with her partner, Seth, and their four cats.

Nelissa Carrillo

Not bound by season or gender, stronger wiser everyday is a contemporary fashion brand that challenges the norms of dressing by fusing design, progressive pattern making, and utility. Designed by nelissa carrillo, a graduate of fidm, the brand is inspired by a union of culture and intention; meant to spark internal reflection and external expression through design.

As one of the few brands that is made and manufactured in chicago, stronger wiser everyday remains ethical by knowing who is assembling the products and how. Nelissa believes in supporting her community of artisans and being intentional with all practices of production, and in doing so reinforces the brand’s values of mindfulness in what we produce, why we consume, and how we express our individuality.

This is what makes us stronger wiser everyday.

Chelsey Carter

When she was younger, Chelsey Carter, native to Saint Louis MO—of Alex Carter brand is currently based in the city of Chicago! Carter moved to Chicago in 2006 in efforts of pursuing her dreams to become a well known designer. She applied and was accepted to The Art Institute - Chicago. Chelsey focuses on the abstract for inspiration for her designs. Her brand, Alex Carter which she launched in 2015, is unisex, catering to customers who are risk-taking and statement-making. Her goal is to exude sensuality in her clothing without having to bare it all. One of her biggest role models is her grandmother, who embodies everything she strives to be as a woman and feeds her drive as a designer. Her jackets can be seen on SZA and Chance the Rapper, and she has sold to Erykah Badu. She has been featured in Vogue Italia and many other magazines such as Verluxe, SunTimes and Tribune. The Alex Carter brand is known for creating everyday clothes for not so everyday people.